The goal the this project is to create a dedicated chess computer based on tiny ARM computers with the DGT eboard and DGT XL Clock or DGT 3000 Clock We are proud to say that this sourcecode is now also part of the new DGT-Pi

Finally picohess can also interact with a Revelation II Even our focus is on an ARM system like a RaspberryPi you can also run the software on a normal desktop computer nomatter what operation system you prefer.


Multiple chess engines are included that run on your ARM computer. Many different game settings and playing levels can be selected. The display guides you through the menu settings and informs you during the game, showing clock times, game moves and hints. Despite the DGT Clocks we also offer a dedicated web-server where you can see the game, analyse openings or master games (we provide a database with over 1.4 million games) just at your fingertips.

Picochess offers many different playing modes. Play against an engine or analyse your games. You can also play against a remote friend/tutor. Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) is also supported (only for the stockfish engine). If you want your games can also be eMailed to your postbox in pgn format.


The provided chess engines offers a wide range for playing styles and strengths. The strongest chess engine Stockfish can be set from 1000ELO to 2500ELO. So, we think you can have fun with PicoChess no matter what playing strength you have. We also provide an engine called Rodent II where y can setup different chess personalities like Attacker, Drunk, Capablanca and many more.


Here are some videos from our beginning :-) Nowadays Picochess is alot more matured. Give it a try. You can see a video of PicoChess running on a standard PC, and running on a MK802 II ARM key :-) Also, here is a video of PicoChess running on MK802 II and a bluetooth DGT eboard.